Some of our team members are now working on special topics in authorship and translation. Below are lists of the most productive / prolific authors and translators of gamebooks as listed in the Katz Collection catalog and on

Top ten most credited authors (including co-author credits):

85 Edward Packard
82 R.A. Montgomery
68 R.L. Stine
51 Joe Dever
44 Richard Brightfield
34 Ian Livingstone
29 Stephen Thraves
28 Dave Morris
26 Steve Jackson (United Kingdom)
24 R.G. Austin, Rita Golden Gelman, Nancy Lamb

Top translators with more than 10 works credited:

20 Mona de Pracontal
18 Noël Chassériau
16 Yannick Surcouf
12 Nicolas Grenier
10 Marta Pérez
10 Camille Fabien
10 Angela Izzo